We have lost a number of great vehicles, starting with the GM EV1 and this is an attempt to list 'what once was'.  Some got crushed like the GM EV1, Honda EV+, BMW Mini E and BMW Acitve E.  Others were saved and are still on the streets like the Toyota Rav4 EV, Ford Ranger EV, Coda and Fisker.  And some never made it out to the general public but were only for fleet services like the Nissan Altra and Nissan Hypermini.  But they all played their part in the development of electric vehicles. This is an appreciation of some great cars.


Honda EV+

Chevy S10

Nissan Hypermini

Nissan Altra

Chrysler Epic Van

Toyota Rav4 EV (first generation)

Ford Ranger EV

Ford Think City

BMW Mini E

BMW Active E



Tesla Roadster

History - since about 1997